Selling Properties

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If you own an apartment or even a house which you allow tenants to rent, if you decide to later sell that property, you may have problems getting the tenants to move. One way that you may be able to avoid this problem is by approaching a property buyer, as they will sometimes buy a property even if there are still tenants in it. Of course they would want to first look at any tenant agreement but that usually isn’t a problem that will stop them buying the property if they want it. One disadvantage of selling to a property buyer though is, they will often pay less than what you may get were you to use a real estate agent. A real estate agent would probably insist that the tenants move though before they will have dealings with the property and so you are left with a decision, go to the hassle of having the tenants evicted or selling for a cheaper price. Another time that you may want to consider getting a lower price for your property is if it is in need of some serious repairs. A realtor in most instances will insist that the repairs are made, by you, prior to them taking responsibility for its sale.

This can sometimes be a problem as you may not have the cash readily available to make those repairs and it certainly will be a huge inconvenience even if you do have adequate funds available. Buyers of Houston homes and buyers of other homes and properties around the country though, will often consider buying a property in the condition that it is in and then make arrangements for any repairs that are needed. Of course, as mentioned, this will mean that they may offer you less for the property than you may have expected to get using a realtor but at least you would not have had to find funds in advance nor had the inconvenience of the repairs being done whilst you were the owner of the property.

There are in fact several advantages to selling directly to a property buyer rather than through a realtor whilst often, the only advantage to using a realtor is that you may, eventually, get a better price for the property but at what cost in time and inconvenience? Often property buyers are used when it comes to inherited properties as they will offer cash and only take a matter of days to finalize a sale. Realtors on the other hand will go through their same lengthy processes which can take weeks perhaps even months and although the person inheriting the property may not have a use for the property itself, they often have a use for the money and need it as soon as they can possibly get it. Not every time would you want to use a property buyer but neither would you necessarily want to use a realtor every time either and so each individual instance needs to be considered separately.

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